Recently, con-artists have been posing as bankruptcy attorneys to prey on clients. Across the country, people who have filed for bankruptcy or plan to have been targeted and taken advantage of. The imposters have used software to mimic the caller ID system, making it appear as if the client’s bankruptcy attorney is calling them.The scammers have instructed consumers to satisfy an outside debt by wiring money elsewhere. They have even gone as far as to threaten individuals with arrest if the debt is not paid.

By calling during non-business hours, the scammers have made it difficult for the victims to contact their attorneys. Also, by accessing public records and filings, they use personal information to strengthen the illusion when speaking to the victims.

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and individual attorneys across the country are taking preventative steps against these con-artists. Through notices and bulletins we hope to inform those who could possibly be targeted and warn them. Under no circumstances would an attorney ask a client to wire money immediately as a way of satisfying a debt or threaten a client with possible arrest. Legitimate agencies and debt collectors are unable to threaten individuals with arrest.

If you are currently a client or have ever been a client of The Law Offices of Roger Fuller and have been contacted by someone impersonating a bankruptcy attorney, email the NACBA at [email protected]. Sending basic information about the call can help push the Department of Justice towards immediate action.

Also, contact our firm and inform us if you suspect that you have been targeted in this scam. Our Dallas bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to assisting our clients who are in need. Call our law firm today at (214) 638-0345 and help us ensure that those in need of legal financial help are not being victimized by con-artists and scammers.